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Thornbury Parish




As part of our Mission Action Plan (MAP) we have begun reflection on the 5 Mark Marks of Mission and how we can make these marks evident in the life of our parish. The 5 Marks give us a succinct description of the ways our Church can act to join in with God’s mission to the world.

The Fifth Mark of Mission exhorts us to treasure our God-given environment.

In full, the Fifth Mark is:

To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth.

We seek to further the work we have done to manifest this care for creation by setting out the following principles:


1. As a parish we affirm the Fifth Mark of Mission ('to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth') as part of our life, work and mission.

2. Wherever possible we will work with groups outside of Church in order to witness to Christian care for God’s creation.

3. We will appoint 3 persons as our Environment Champions and encourage them to bring environmental concerns forward to the PCC and wider parish on a regular basis

4.  The Environment Champions will seek appropriate information from Christian environmental groups as well as other agencies to keep abreast of current thinking and to share important insights.

5.  We will formulate and undertake an 'environmental audit' of our premises and property, to celebrate improvements already made, good practice that is already happening, and propose appropriate plans to improve practice where necessary.

6. We will include environmental concerns in our regular worship, especially Environment Sunday (on 1st Sunday in June or nearest appropriate Sunday - World Environment Day is 5th June).

7.  We will explore the feasibility of energy generation schemes in our community whilst working with other local groups.

8.  We will seek ways to reduce consumption and the impact of our activities on the environment and celebrate the good practice that is already happening.

9.   We will build on the excellent work that is already been undertaken towards biodiversity conservation in our churchyard and further the beehive initiative.

10.   We will continue to encourage appropriate use of church buildings, churchyards etc to support wildlife and encourage young people to be involved with this.

11.  We are proud to be a Fairtrade church and seek to purchase food and drink that meets the LOAF principles (Locally-sourced, Organically-grown, Animal-friendly and Fairly-traded), avoid over-catering, and use seasonal foods whenever possible.

12. We will continue to improve our recycling practices.