14th October 2018 – Trinity 20

Hymns – 9.15am 569,775,787, 263,608      10.30am 453, 563, 492, 510,

6.00pm 629, Ps 127, 794, 24.

Leading Worship today:    8.00am Sheila F, 9.15am Joy L,

10.30am Sheila,    4.00pm Joy L     6.00pm Jan vdL.

Sunday 14th October – Trinity 20

Readings: Amos 5.6-7, 10-15, Hebrews 4.12-end, Mark 10.17-31

8.00am Eucharist at St. Mary’s.

9.15am Eucharist at St. Paul’s.

10.30am Eucharist at St. Mary’s.

10.30am Refresh at St. Arilda’s.

4.00pm Kids Praise at St. Mary’s.

6.00pm Evensong at St. Mary’s.

Monday 15th October

Prayer:  For the Church Hall.

8.30am Morning Prayer at St. Mary’s.

3.00pm  Funeral Service for Win Jenkins.

Tuesday 16th October

Prayer:      For those who are Grieving.

8.30am Morning Prayer at St. Mary’s.

2.30pm Julian Group Meeting @ 3 Shannon Court.

7.30pm Mothers’ Union Annual Service.

Wednesday 17th October

Prayer: For our Mission Committee Local & Global concern.

8.30am Morning Prayer at St. Mary’s.

10.00am Mothers’ Union Corporate Communion at St. Mary’s.

Thursday 18th October

Prayer:    For Our Funeral Vergers.

8.00am  Morning Prayer at St. Mary’s.

9.15am Hopscotch at St. Mary’s.

3.00pm Prayers for Healing & Wholeness at St. Paul’s.

Friday 19th October

Prayer:  For Ch@t.

17.45pm Evening Prayer.

6.30pm Octaves Choir Practice at St. Mary’s.

7.30pm Choir Practice at St. Mary’s.

Saturday 20th October

Prayer:      For Our Servers and Eucharistic Assistants.

9.00am Eucharist at St. Mary’s.

7.00pm Film Night at St. Mary’s Church Hall

Sunday 21th October – Trinity 21

Readings: Isaiah 53.4-end, Hebrews 5.1-10, Mark 10.35-45

8.00am Eucharist at St. Mary’s.

9.15am Eucharist at St. Paul’s.

10.30am Eucharist at St. Mary’s.

2.45pm Muddy Church at St. Mary’s.

6.00pm Evensong at St. Mary’s.

6.00pm Evensong at St. Arilda’s.


Please remember in your prayers this Month’s Mission – Christian Aid: Women in poor rural communities work hard. But they often struggle to earn a living because of climate change and drought, and it can be hard for them to get loans or start businesses. Your gift will fund life-changing projects in Burkina Faso, Honduras, Malawi and Ethiopia. It could provide tools and training to help women start businesses – like the solar-powered shop that has changed Aster’s life. See www.christianaid.org.uk/harvest-appeal.

At the back of Church on the table, there are envelopes to pick up with names on. Please check and take your envelope; they are for those NOT on the Parish giving Scheme and those who have generously donated to the youth fund.

Mothers’ Union will be holding their Annual Service on Tuesday 16th October at 7.00 pm in St. Mary's Church.  We are pleased to say that Rev'd. Sheila Fisher will be our speaker.  Visitors are very welcome to join us. We are nearly at packing time for our Christmas Child Boxes, if you would like to contribute towards the gifts we are collecting pens, pencils, felt tips, sharpeners, rubbers and the like this month.  Thank you so much for all the lovely things we have already.  Jenny Ovens.

Confident Parenting in a World of Screens - Care for the Family, looking at parenting and social media.  Thursday 18th October, 7.30pm at St. Michael’s Centre, Stoke Gifford. Tickets are available through their website. https://www.stmichaelsbristol.org/smcevents/

The World is Changing – How About Us?  Please join Thornbury Make Poverty History group and other local organisations for Afternoon Tea in the Methodist Church Hall on Saturday 20th October from 2.00 - 4.00pm for One World Week.  Over tea and cake we shall be able to discuss practical changes we can make to live more sustainably, e.g. reducing single use plastic and buying local.

Church Hall -  Film Night – 'Queen of Katwe ' Cert Disney, at 7pm on Saturday 20th October.  An inspirational film, based on a true story, about a Ugandan village girl's life when she discovers an amazing talent for chess. The film will give you a very good impression of the life/country of our Bufumbo brothers and sisters.  It is a celebration of the human spirit. Uplifting. Cheerful, cheering and worth cheering.  

Peter & Lynda Frost, Ian & Vivienne Larkin, both celebrate their Golden wedding anniversaries in early October.  Therefore, on Sunday 21st October, they will renew their vows together, during the 9.15am Eucharist service in St. Paul's.  After the service there will be Golden Wedding Anniversary cake and Prosecco in St. Paul's side room, or coffee if you prefer.  Please come if you can and help make it a very special day, 50 years is a great number of years. Looking forward to seeing you. Lynda & Peter, Vivienne & Ian.

Parish Contacts: Christmas Card Distribution Meeting, Wednesday November 14th 3.00p.m @ The Vicarage with Jan.  Any Contacts unable to attend please let me know in advance, advising preference on who can collect on their behalf. Ken Miles, 415456.

Help needed: We are hoping to put on ‘Experience Christmas’ in St Mary’s church from December 3rd - 7th this year, and I will need helpers to man (and woman!) the ‘stations’ during that week.  If you would be available and willing to help please contact me on 413975 or by email – alamo.23@blueyonder.co.uk. My thanks in anticipation – Monica.

Healing Prayer Group at St. Paul’sThis is held weekly at 3pm on Thursdays  usually, meeting at St. Paul’s.  Helen 418750.

Rev’d Joy’s Sermon – A draft copy is available from her first communion service online via http://joyfullyreverend.wordpress.com/My first Eucharist.  Feel Free to catch up on the rest of her blog which is a mix of personal reflections on her life and ministry.

Planned Giving Letters - Following Jan's stewardship talk last month, there are letters at the back of the churches for collection.  Those who have been giving regularly to the youth work for 3 years are being encouraged to continue their increased giving if they feel able, and those who give using envelopes and standing orders are being encouraged to switch over to the Parish Giving Scheme.  Further details about this and forms are at the back of the churches. Rev’d Jan’s talk on giving is now posted on the Parish website (on the Home Page), so those who missed it can catch up there.

2019 Diaries – If you need a handy handbag / pocket size 2019 Diary they are available at the back of church. The suggested donation is still only 50p which all goes to the Church maintenance and upkeep fund so do take a look.  Many thanks.

Help needed: We are currently looking for voluntary help please, in the following areas: *Muddy Church – serving refreshments. *Sides people – greeting people into our services, *Vergers – Weddings & Funerals (both St. Mary’s & St. Paul’s). *Tea & Coffee helpers after Sunday service, * Folders - helpers to fold the newsletter and /or Service sheets in the office on a Friday morning. If you are able to lend a hand we would be most grateful, the more people come forward the less turns you have to do… for more info please contact the office! Thank you.

Foodbank Shopping List for Donations: Here is a list of our current shortages: 1 litre UHT milk (semi and whole), tinned stews/casseroles, 2-in-1 shampoo, washing up liquid, twin or tinned sponge puddings.  A huge thanks to all who have donated faithfully to our shopping list.  As a direct result, and despite a rise in demand, our stocks are healthy and well balanced.  Thank you for your support.

Healing Prayers on Sunday mornings will be offered immediately after the 9.15am service at St. Paul’s, on the first and third Sundays.  At St Mary’s please complete a yellow prayer request (prayed for on Saturday mornings) or put a pebble in the pool (prayed for on Wednesdays).

Facebook helps you connect and share with everyone in our parish. It shows that the parish has a vibrant and diverse church community. Facebook is a great opportunity to promote the Church’s important activities. Help support this page by sending your photos, news and events that are taking place to Pat Duru at patduru50@yahoo.co.uk and share the love, joy and fellowship of God with others in this parish.

Did you know…?

… members of the Bereavement Support Team are: Ruth Parker, Jan Miles, Pippa Davey, Jean Cox, Sheila Jones, Goldie Ramsey, Pauline Thomas, Carole Ball, Janet Shipp & Graham Reaper-Brown.  

We Pray this week for:

Robin Harper, Lesley Lees, Joan Tuck, John Ackland, Mark Browton,

Gordon Pitts, Christine Dadd, Heather Pencavel & Elizabeth Fry.

And those for whom we regularly pray: Mary Chappell & Marian Kayaalp.

We pray for those who are recently departed:

Sheila Wilcox, Margaret Holland & Winifred Jenkins.

And at this time of year: Joan Green, Brian Brook, Cyril Pearce, Stanley Watts, Maud Young, Geoffrey Haigh, Elsie Langdale, John Thompson & Sheila Davis.

Recycle your, mobile phones, stamps, bibles for charity. Mission boxes at the back of both churches. (Print Cartridges can be taken to the ‘Sort it’ Centre on the industrial estate). Also, Christian books (incl. Bible Study or Theology books) published 1990 or after, which explore the Christian faith, to be donated to HMP Leyhill. Please leave books in the labelled box at the back of Church in St. Mary’s. Many Thanks.

Weekly Newsletter – Please do give us plenty of notice for any requests, ensuring weekend news is received in the office by Wednesday morning at the latest please. To contact Gemma (Mon, Thurs, Fri) or Anna (Tues, Weds) Tel: 281900. Requests taken from 9.15am. An email version of this Newsletter is available on request via the office thornburyparish@btconnect.com. (Save the Trees)

'LIFE' Prayer'

God of hope and transformation, who in our Lord Jesus Christ offers the gift of life in all its fullness, send your Holy Spirit and grant us joy in our following and vision in our leadership. May we be rich in imagination, confident in faith, and courageous in our engagement with the people and places of this diocese. As we share your life with the world, keep us rooted and grounded in love as we bear witness to your glory and pray for your Kingdom to come.       AMEN.