15th April 2018 – Easter 3

Hymns at 9.15am 208, S. 237, 769, S. 96, 690       10.30am 641, 769, 424, 813

6.00pm 203, 142, 147, 218

Leading Worship today:8am &10.30am Chris V, 9.15am Jan vdL & 6pm Michael V

Sunday 15th April – Easter 3

Readings: Zephaniah 3.14-end, Acts 3.12-19, Luke 24.36b-48

8.00am Eucharist at St. Mary’s.

9.15am Eucharist at St. Paul’s.

10.30am Eucharist at St. Mary’s.

12.30pm Baptism service at St. Arilda’s.

2.45pm Muddy Church at St. Mary’s.

6.00pm Evensong at St. Mary’s.

6.00pm CW Communion at St. Arilda’s.

Monday 16th April

Prayer:  For our Churchwardens.

8.30am Morning Prayer at St. Mary’s.

Tuesday 17th April

Prayer:      For the Deanery Synod.

8.30am Morning Prayer at St. Mary’s.

2.30pm Julian Group Meeting at 3 Shannon Court.

7.30pm Mothers’ Union Meeting at St. Mary’s Church Hall.

Wednesday 18th April

Prayer: For the foundation Governors of St. Mary’s School.

8.30am Morning Prayer at St. Mary’s.

10.00am Eucharist at St. Mary’s.

Thursday 19th April

Prayer:    For Healing & Wholeness.

8.00am Morning Prayer at St. Mary’s.

9.15am Hopscotch at St. Mary’s.

3.00pm Prayers for Healing & Wholeness at St. Paul’s.

4.30pm Study the Sunday Scriptures at the Vicarage.

Friday 20th April

Prayer:  For our Holy Mowers – Grass Cutters.

5.45pm Evening Prayer at St. Mary’s.

6.30pm Octaves Children’s Choir at St. Mary’s.

7.30pm Choir Practice at St. Mary’s.

Saturday 21st April

Prayer:      For those preparing for Baptism.

9.00am Eucharist at St. Mary’s.

Sunday 22nd April – Easter 4

Readings: Genesis 7.1-5, 11-18, 8.6-18, 9.8-13, Acts 4.5-12, John 10.11-18

8.00am Eucharist at St. Mary’s.

9.15am Family service at St. Paul’s.

9.30am BCP Communion at Shepperdine.

10.30am Eucharist at St. Mary’s.

12.30pm Baptism Service at St. Mary’s.

6.00pm Evensong at St. Mary’s.

6.00pm Evensong at St. Arilda’s.


Please remember in your prayers this Month’s Mission: United Society Partners in the Gospel, an Anglican organisation sharing God’s love through action.  They transform lives by working in direct partnership with people and communities around the world.

‘Did you know…’ Each week we will feature one topic in the 'did you know’ spot; when there is a lot going on it’s hard to keep track of them all (says the Vicar!). Look at the bottom of the newsletter for the first one…

Revd. Joy is beginning to look forward to her ordination to the priesthood. This should be taking place on Saturday 30th June at 3pm in Gloucester Cathedral. Save the date! Her first Eucharist will then be held on the 1st July as part of a Benefice service in St Arilda's. She is hoping to see lots of people there. More details to follow shortly.

We are hoping to book a coach for Joy’s ordination at around £6.00 per head. If you wish to book a seat please sign up at the back of St. Mary’s or St. Paul’s. At present this is to gauge numbers and will only be booked if there is enough interest.

After Joy's first Eucharist the Benefice will be able to celebrate at the Vicarage Garden Party which takes place that afternoon at 3pm. Definitely a date for the diary!!

Mothers’ Union. Our next meeting is on Tuesday April 17th at 7.30pm in St. Mary’s Church Hall when Shirley Wyse will tell us about ‘Help for Heroes’. All are welcome to join us.

Julian Meetings is having a quiet day in Thornbury on May 8th from 10am to 4pm in honour of Julian of Norwich's name day. David will give 2 short addresses, one in the morning and the second after lunch. Please bring your own packed lunch. Drinks will be available. It will be a silent day.

Christian Aid in Thornbury: We are still in need of a person to be CA Organiser for Thornbury. Some churches in Thornbury have their own CA reps and it is the organiser’s task to assist these lovely people through CA Week and other fund raising efforts. The organiser acts as a go between the charity and individual churches receiving help and information from the charity. Preparing for CA Week is the main part of the task. If you are enthusiastic and energetic then you might initiate other fund raising events too. Please will you all think about taking on this opportunity to be part of a great ecumenical charity which helps the poorest out of their poverty. Thanks from Carol Self 01454 418 006.

Interested in getting more involved in church life? There are many ways to do this! Whatever your gifts and interests; from helping with children's work to knitting or mowing, gardening or joining a house group to reading in church, or singing in a choir. The clergy and our welcomers would be happy to chat with you about it, please feel free to ask.

Facebook helps you connect and share with everyone in our parish. It shows that the parish has a vibrant and diverse church community. Facebook is a great opportunity to promote the church’s important activities. Help support this page by sending your photos, news and events that are taking place to Pat Duru at patduru50@yahoo.co.uk and share the love, joy and fellowship of God with others in this parish.

Foodbank  - Vouchers: If anyone needs, or knows someone who needs a voucher for the Foodbank, could they please contact the office, who will then ask one of us to get in touch. Thank you. Jenny and Lynda. The Foodbank are also looking for more volunteers to help on Fridays; also the New Start Debt Advice needs more people to help; training is provided (Lynda Frost can give more information).  

Current Shopping List for Donations to Foodbank: Our branches, unfortunately, are seeing significant increases in clients in the first quarter. The shortages we have in our stock are now as follows: UHT Milk (Semi and Whole), tinned beans with sausages, tinned spaghetti with meat/ravioli, super noodles, tomato sauce, male and female deodorants, twin puddings & tinned potatoes. This list recognises that we have just provided holiday lunches for 30 children in Yate who were referred by primary schools last week. Thank all to all of our donors for the faithfulness to our previous list which has resulted in good stocks of the items we needed for March.

Healing Prayers on Sunday mornings will be offered immediately after the services at St.  Paul’s 9.15am on the first and third Sundays and at St Mary’s

10.30am service on the second & fourth Sundays and 10.00am on the fifth Sunday.

Home Communion: Did you know that if you are unable to get to church for a while you can receive Holy Communion at home? We have a team who help with this. Do remember either for yourself or someone you know. Ask the clergy.

Pastoral Care: If you have any concerns or hear that someone needs support, please contact Sheila Jones 01454 412989 or the Clergy. They will then arrange a visit or make contact.

If you are recently bereaved and would like to talk to someone, please contact any of the Clergy, numbers on the newsletter. We offer the opportunity to share.

Gluten-free Eucharistic wafers are available at St Mary’s and St Paul’s for those who need them.  Please let the clergy know before the service if this applies to you.

Recycle your print cartridges, mobile phones, stamps, bibles for charity. Mission boxes at the back of both churches. Many Thanks.

Photos may be taken from time to time at church services and events, and used in church publicity, some will be used online (but without names); please feel free to ask for any photos to be deleted from the camera and /  or our publicity, we will be happy to see they are removed.

Did you know…

…there are beehives in St Mary’s Churchyard, managed by the South Gloucestershire Beekeeping Association.

We Pray this week for:

Robin Harper, Angela Cole, Marion Kayaalp, Tim Giles, Janet Shipp, Lesley Lees, Gordon Pitts, Jo Andow, Roger Holliday, Joan Tuck & John Ackland.

And those for whom we regularly pray: Mick Spiller, Aileen Acton, Anne Watson & Doreen Cooksley.

And at this time of year: Konrad Rees, James Moore, Brian Gitsham,

Margery Thomas, Irene Yarrow, Roy Cole & George Tuck.

Weekly Newsletter – Please do give us plenty of notice for any requests, anything to be included for the weekend news needs to be received in the office by Wednesday morning at the latest please. To contact Gemma (Mon, Thurs, Fri) or Sarah (Tues, Weds) Tel: 281900. Requests taken from 9.15am. An email version of this Newsletter is available on request via the office. (Save the Trees)

'LIFE' Prayer'

God of hope and transformation, who in our Lord Jesus Christ offers the gift of life in all its fullness, send your Holy Spirit and grant us joy in our following and vision in our leadership. May we be rich in imagination, confident in faith, and courageous in our engagement with the people and places of this diocese.

As we share your life with the world, keep us rooted and grounded in love as we bear witness to your glory and pray for your Kingdom to come.