9th December 2018 – Advent 2

Hymns – 9.15am 327, 30, 27, S 286, 719   10.30am 50, 42, 46, 30  

6.00pm 51, Ps 75, 57, 15

Leading Worship today: 8.00am Jan vdL, 9.15am Sheila F,

10.30am Jan vdL, 10.30am Joy L (St. Arilda’s) & 6.00pm Tom K.

Sunday 9th December– Advent 2

Readings: Malachi 3.1-4, Philippians 1.3-11, Luke 3.1-6

8.00am Eucharist at St. Mary’s.

9.15am Eucharist at St. Paul’s.

10.30am Eucharist at St. Mary’s.

10.30am Refresh at St. Arilda’s.

4.00pm Christingle at St. Mary’s.

6.00pm Evensong at St. Mary’s.

Monday 10th December

Prayer:  For Human Rights Day.

8.30am Morning Prayer at St. Mary’s.

Tuesday 11th December

Prayer:      For House Groups & Bible Study Groups.

8.30am      Morning Prayer at St. Mary’s.

2.30pm      Julian Group Meeting at 3 Shannon Court.

Wednesday 12th December

Prayer: For Pastoral Care Team.

8.30am Morning Prayer at St. Mary’s.

10.00am Mothers’ Union Corporate Communion at St. Mary’s.

Thursday 13th December

Prayer:    For all who mourn the loss of a loved one.

8.00am Morning Prayer at St. Mary’s.

9.15am  Hopscotch at St. Mary’s.

11.30am Funeral Service for Rae Forster at St. Mary’s.

2.00pm Eucharist for Healing & Wholeness at St. Paul’s.

Friday 14th December

Prayer:  For Parish of Oldbury-on-Severn & Shepperdine.

5.45pm Evening Prayer at St. Mary’s.

6.30pm Octaves Choir Practice at St. Mary’s.

7.30pm Choir Practice at St. Mary’s.

Saturday 15th December

Prayer:      For those preparing for Confirmation.

9.00am Eucharist at St. Mary’s.

10.00am Rehearsal for Confirmation at St. Mary’s.

Sunday 16th December– Advent 3

Readings: Zephania 3.14-end, Philippians 1.3-11, Luke 3.1-6

8.00am Eucharist at St. Mary’s.

9.15am Eucharist at St. Paul’s.

10.30am Eucharist with Confirmation at St. Mary’s.

6.00pm Service of Nine Lessons and Carols at St. Mary’s.

6.00pm CW Communion at St. Arilda’s.


Please remember in your prayers during Advent the following Mission partners: The Children’s Society protects and supports the most vulnerable children throughout the UK.  Everyone is welcome at the Christingle Service. Also Julian Trust Night Shelter for the Homeless. We are collecting gifts for the homeless who visit the Night Shelter over Christmas.  There are boxes in both churches for donations. Thank you in anticipation.

A big Thank-you from Mary Lloyd for all the Prayers, support and lovely card sent, it’s very much appreciated by Mary and all of the family.

SOS: extra sidespersons needed for some of our Christmas season services. Could you come and be part of a team for 20th December 2.00pm or 6.00pm (St Mary's School Carol Service - two sessions this year) or 24th December 4.00pm (Crib Service)?  We could do with 4 people for each of these services.  Also, help please on Christmas Day at 10.30am (1 or 2 needed).  Please let the office know asap if you can help.  Thank you.

Advent Appeal – We continue to collect items for Christmas presents for guests of the Julian Trust Homeless Charity.  We want to give each person a face flannel, small bar of soap, a tube of toothpaste, a toothbrush and a bar of chocolate (no bigger than 100gms).   Last year we made about 240 parcels, nicely wrapped with a card.  They were much appreciated and it may be the only present they receive.  If you can help please leave items in the boxes provided at the back of either church, or ring Vivienne on 418 932.  Please consider joining us to wrap the presents on 17th December from 6.00pm at 79 Jubilee Drive, for as much time as you can spare, it is always enjoyable.  (Please note that the shop in Thornbury called ’Julian House’ is a different, separate charity.) Thank you.

Mothers' Union Prayer group – on Monday 10th December, 2.30pm at 46 Charles Close.  Leader Helen Bullock.

Film Night at the Church Hall - The film on December 15th will now be ' Nativity 2 ' (Cert U) starring David Tennant as a Teacher in a primary school, trying to prepare a class to compete in a Song for Christmas competition.  Enjoy the fun.

Carols in the Community - We meet at St. Mary’s Church Hall on Tuesday 18th December at 6.15pm to start at 6.30pm.  Once again a group of us will be singing carols for about an hour in the vicinity of the Church Hall.  We do not collect but deliver a card showing the Christmas Services.  We wish everyone a Happy Christmas and ask them to choose a carol.  People expect us now and some come out and join in with us.  It is always a lovely way to start Christmas – and afterwards we return to the Church Hall for hot drinks and mince pies.  Bring friends and family, everyone welcome.  Queries? Ring Vivienne & Ian 418932.

New Archdeacon of Gloucester –The Rev’d Hilary Dawson will join us from Devon, where she is a Rector of a Mission Community. Her husband is Richard, with their two grown up children, Michael and Eleanor.  Hilary will be licensed in Gloucester Cathedral on Sunday 27th January 2019 at 3.00pm.

Sidespersons, especially for the 8am service at St Mary's, are needed: could you help once a month? Duties include being on the door to welcome, giving out newsletters, and taking up the collection. Please speak to Roger Davies, or the office or the clergy if you could do this.

The Henderson Ward patients have now been moved to the top floor of Grace Care Home in Whitebridge Gardens, next door to Alexandra Workwear, off Midland Way.

Three Parish Yearbooks are at St. Paul's, then will be at St. Mary's, containing photos & articles about our past church activities, which you may enjoy seeing. The books were held by Thornbury Museum for their Thornbury Millennium Exhibition. We would like to use them to create an online record. If anyone can do this, or has any other suggestions for the storage of this material, please let Jan or the Parish Office know.

Healing Prayer Group – held weekly at St. Paul’s at 3.00pm on a Thursday. Once a month there is a Healing Eucharist instead, usually the 2nd Thursday in the month. Please ask the office if you have a name that needs to be added to the prayers.

2019 Diaries – Are available at the back of Church. Handbag /pocket size and only 50p. All funds go to the maintenance and upkeep of St. Mary’s.  Many Thanks.

Healing Prayers on a Sunday – offered immediately after the 9.15am service at St. Paul’s on the 1st & 3rd Sundays.  At St. Mary’s please fill in a yellow card request at the back of church (prayers on Saturday morning) or put a pebble in the pool (prayed for on Wednesdays).

If you are recently bereaved and would like to talk to someone, please contact any of the clergy, numbers on the newsletter. We offer the opportunity to share your concerns.

Pastoral Care - If you or someone you know is away from church, in hospital or has cause for concern, then please contact Sheila Jones on 412989.

Foodbank Shopping List for Donations - We do need some items to improve the balance of our stocks: jam (sorry, not homemade), biscuits, tins of minced meat (without or with onions), tinned tomatoes/passata & tinned mixed veg, ‘Pot’/‘Super’ Noodles, ‘Angel Delight’, packet mash potato, washing pods/capsules, potted meat/fish, small bottles/cans of low sugar drinks, cereal snack bars, small tins of ham, low fat savoury snacks. Thank you.

FREE – New Inkjet Cartridges - Please see the poster in the porch for details.

Photos may be taken from time to time at church services and events, and used in church publicity, some online (but without names); please feel free to ask for any photo to be deleted from the camera and we will be happy to do so.

Did you know…

…that Gluten-free Eucharistic wafers are available at St Mary’s and St Paul’s for those who need them.  Please let the clergy know before the service if this applies to you.

We Pray this week for:

Robin Harper, Lesley Lees, John Ackland, Mark Browton,  

Elizabeth Fry, Rita Freed, Mike Brown, Helen Elcock,  &

Kate, Jake (13) & Dan (11) Rees.

And those for whom we regularly pray: Debbie Yanez, Mary Chappell,

Marian Kayaalp, & Angela Cole.

We pray for those who are recently departed: Rae Forster.

And at this time of year: Jack Locke, Bill Stanley, Nancy Salisbury,

Cyril Vittle (priest), Eileen Westerman, George Westerman, Nanette Tromans, Edward Scott, Vena Clews, Joan Excell, Hilda Rodliffe & Mair Williams Johnson.

Facebook helps you connect and share with everyone in our parish. It shows that the parish has a vibrant and diverse church community. Facebook is a great opportunity to promote the church’s important activities. Help support this page by sending your photos, news and events that are taking place to Pat Duru at patduru50@yahoo.co.uk and share the love, joy and fellowship of God with others in this parish.

Weekly Newsletter – Please do give us plenty of notice for any requests, ensuring weekend news is received in the office by Wednesday morning at the latest please. To contact Gemma (Mon, Thurs, Fri) or Anna (Tues, Weds) Tel: 281900. Requests taken from 9.15am. An email version of this Newsletter is available on request via the office thornburyparish@btconnect.com.  (Save the Trees)

'LIFE' Prayer'

God of hope and transformation, who in our Lord Jesus Christ offers the gift of life in all its fullness, send your Holy Spirit and grant us joy in our following and vision in our leadership.

May we be rich in imagination, confident in faith, and courageous in our engagement with the people and places of this diocese.

As we share your life with the world, keep us rooted and grounded in love as we bear witness to your glory and pray for your Kingdom to come.  AMEN.