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Thornbury Parish


Richard Britten -  Youth worker

Hey! Yes it's me. Your new Youth Worker. I just want to say I am very excited to have this opportunity to get to know you all, so here is a blurb with some info about me.

Prior to this role I have worked for local schools within the area, supporting special needs children in their secondary education. Before this even (making myself sound even older), I have worked for various youth groups, Christian charities, Dj'ing across the country... and I have even done a little retail in my time.

I am a passionate music lover- loving the music my parents hate; so that would be your Christian hip-hop/rap, Gospel reggae and a healthy tasting of Dubsteb to wake me up in the mornings. This however does not exclude my love of Hymns!

I came to faith at the age of eighteen and ever since I have had a passion to see other young people come to know the amazing grace and truths of the gospel. Though I am much older (though not much older looking I hope), this remains my passion and I'm delighted to be given the position of  the Children's and Youth Worker at St Mary's Church, Thornbury.

In my spare time I am an avid reader, fictional writer (attempting to be) and I also enjoy spending time with my loving family, which consists of my wife Kerry and my little baby son Seth; not forgetting of course my parents, siblings, friends and fellow believers.