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Thornbury Parish


Summary of PCC Meeting held on Tuesday 7 May 2019

After introductory prayers and approval of previous minutes, the following were appointed to serve for the coming year: Lay PCC Chairman, Robin Gupta: Vice-Chairman, Mike Dennett: PCC Treasurer, Gill Young: PCC Secretary (Non Voting), Janet Gupta: Electrol Roll Officer, Anna Ballard: PCC Representative on Standing Committee, Mike Keavey: Office Representative (co-opted) Anna Ballard: Assistant Wardens at St Paul’s, Alan Mullinex and Phil Jones.

Vacancy process: The Pre-Vacancy Meeting is to be held the 20 May and the Vacancy Meeting is confirmed as the 24 June. These are attended by the Archdeacon and the Area Dean, as well as the PCC of Oldbury with Shepperdine.

Parish Profile Group – to compile a document for applicants for the position of Vicar. Tim Swan, Robin Gupta, Jenny Ovens, Mike Spiller, Monica Mullinex, Mike Dennett, Martin Davey and Hannah Eastwood agreed to be in this group.

There was a lengthy discussion about the contents, especially the initial pages. A questionnaire will be circulated to all congregations, school and children’s groups, as well as to Oldbury.


Fabric. St Mary’s.

Pew Cushions. With money from the music fund, bell ringers and a donation from Jan it was agreed to purchase pew cushions for St Mary’s.

Lighting, porch and glass doors and ramp. We are awaiting DAC approval and planning permission for these. Quotations are being obtained. and a possible timeline considered.

St Paul’s are considering the purchase of a laptop, projector and/or carpet.

AOB: A PCC members declaration form was circulated for GDPR.

Changed dates for future meetings were agreed.

New microphones at St Mary’s – satisfactory but using too many batteries. A solution is being sought.

The meeting closed with the grace.